this is not a coincidence.


You may be curious about mediumship or communication with passed loved ones. Most people who visit me are new to the idea of mediumship. Many have never received a reading, and are not sure if they believe in the possibility of communication. All are grieving and vulnerable, searching for proof that their loved ones did not leave them alone after their physical death. 


I understand.. I felt the same way before I became a medium.

But what if I told you mediumship can be a beautiful, validating, and loving experience? What if I told you that you never needed to feel alone? Or that you could still share experiences with someone you thought you'd lost forever? What if there was a way to find proof that your loved ones were never truly gone?

my name is Katie Wedding, and I am an inspirational evidential medium.

what does this mean?

As a "medium", I communicate with passed loved ones to deliver messages of hope, comfort and inspiration. In addition to these loving messages, your loved ones share evidence that they are with you still. And I have the privilege of serving as the bridge between these two worlds. 

But before I was a medium, I was a "normal person" too.

I was raised Catholic, and I attended Catholic school from kindergarten through college. Growing up, I believed that our loved ones moved on to a faraway place called Heaven. I feared death, and often wondered how I would handle the loss of someone very close to me.

I earned a Master's Degree in School Counseling, and I spent years working as an elementary and special education teacher. As a school counselor, I was drawn to working with grieving children. I found meaning in small counseling groups and felt comfortable sitting with others in the depths of deep grief.



everything changed when my mom died...


My mom was the best friend, mother, grandmother, teacher, role model that I could ever ask for. She died in 2013 after a short battle with cancer, and I was left with a hole that could not be filled. However, despite her physical absence, I continued to feel her presence around me. 

Skeptical but curious, I registered for an appointment with a psychic medium...  When I arrived, I learned that I had not scheduled a reading; I had "accidentally" signed up for a workshop for those wanting to LEARN to be a medium. Over the course of the next 2 hours, I was amazed. All of the signs I had been receiving, all of the “accidents” and “coincidences” that were occurring, all of the love I continued to feel were validated. I learned that those we love don’t leave us after death. They continue to surround us with support and love.

I also learned that I have the ability to connect with those in the spirit world, and I am able to communicate their messages to their loved ones on Earth. 


In our time together, my goal is to make you feel comfortable and cared for, while providing inspiration and evidence that your loved ones are still nearby.


I prefer to work one-on-one with clients, allowing personal time for a meaningful reading, therapeutic listening, and careful reflection. 

I am passionate about demonstrating the truth: that life does not end with our physical death. Our loved ones remain with us to support and nurture us throughout the rest of our lives.


“May you use those gifts that you have received and pass on the love that has been given to you”
-St. Teresa of Avila

benefits of readings


You may...


  • Receive confirmation that your loved ones remain near you, even after physical death


  • Gain insight and advice from passed loved ones about your life


  • Open the door for your own communication with your passed loved ones



I'd love to help you reconnect...



“My daughter-in-law referred me to Katie after she had a beautiful reading with good results. I’ve had two wonderful readings with Katie with lots of verifications from loved ones who have passed. Katie is warm, compassionate and comforting. I will be seeing her more!”


- Jackie Shocklee, MO

“Katie was able to connect me with my Grandpa with a combination of evidence so I know it was him.. Coupled with loving messages so I knew he was still nearby. She’s a strong medium with a beautiful heart and delivery.”

- Heather Filipowicz, FL

“Katie has a way of making you feel comfortable and her compassion shines through. I have been to her twice. Both times she had validated my loved ones that had passed. I was left feeling comforted and most importantly validated.”


- Laura Donovan, MO

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