How do you know you are ACTUALLY communicating with Spirit?

my gifts Jun 15, 2021

A common question among skeptics! 

Before doing a reading, I always ask Spirit to send direct evidence of their presence. For me, evidence comes in the form of physical features and personality traits of the passed loved ones. Spirit may provide names or show memories that they shared with the sitter (person receiving the reading). Sometimes, Spirit shows me scenes/events that occurred AFTER passing... things that they witnessed from Heaven/Spirit realm in the life of their loved ones on Earth.

I feel the presence of Spirit physically. Sometimes it is a warm throbbing on my arms. When I am delivering messages clearly, Spirit gives me chills on my legs and arms to validate that I am headed in the right direction. Often, sitters feel similar physical sensations.

The most validating confirmation that I receive is when a sitter says “How did you KNOW that?”

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Do you work like the mediums on TV?

my gifts Jun 15, 2021

Many people wonder if I experience spirit in the same way that “famous” mediums do. I believe that many of these mediums are accurate and authentic. I do see many similarities in our style of delivery. 

If you have ever watched the show Hollywood Medium, starring Tyler Henry, you are probably familiar with his signature readings. He scribbles/doodles on a plain pad of paper in the beginning of his reading. I have done this many times also. In a way, it is almost like coloring- it allows me to calm and center myself while drifting out of my head. The scribbles don’t usually mean anything significant, but rather provide a way to tap into creative energy. 

Similar to Tyler Henry, I find psychometry to be a useful tool. You may notice that he likes to have sitters bring sentimental items/photos belonging to passed loved ones. Neither of us wants the sitter to provide any background information related to the objects. We are able to hold an object and pick up...

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Do you see “evil” spirits?

all about spirit my gifts Jun 15, 2021

People often ask if I am afraid of conjuring “evil” spirits, but I do not. I am a “light worker” meaning I work in the light. I raise my vibration to communicate with spirits on a higher plane. My encounters are filled with love and peace.

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How do you communicate/receive messages?

my gifts Jun 15, 2021

I am a clairvoyant, claircognizant medium. This means that I receive my messages by SEEING (clairvoyant) pictures, snapshots, images and scenes. These appear in my mind's eye (also known as the "third eye") and project out in front of me. For the most part, I can give a physical description of the spirit that appears. I also SEE words written out in front of me, including names, numbers, and locations. 

At times, I just "know" information (claircognizant). This is harder to explain, but it is frequently correct. I might “know” the spirit relationship to the sitter (person receiving the reading), or “know” that someone died unexpectedly.

When I am delivering a message, spirit lets me know that I am correct or on the right path by giving me chills. This is a very specific physical feeling on the back of my upper arms and thighs- my signal to KEEP GOING, KEEP TALKING!

At times, I can also feel physical ailments related to the spirit’s health or cause...

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Do you see spirits all the time?

my gifts Jun 15, 2021

Question: Do you see spirits ALL the time?

This is probably the MOST common question I have had recently. People immediately want to know who is standing behind them, and what the messages feel like for me. 

I did not begin "seeing" spirit until I started my training with Lindsay Marino. When the course began, I started to see spirits frequently... in the airport, in the drive-thru, in restaurants, during conversations with friends. However, she quickly taught us the importance of "training" spirits to let them know when we are "open" to receiving messages. This involves saying a short intention prayer to let my spirit guides (and I call on the Holy Spirit) know that I am ready to raise my vibration. Shortly after, the reading can begin. When I am finished with a reading, I focus on grounding myself (going outside, taking a salt bath, saying a closing prayer) to draw in my aura and "close down". Now, when I am around others, I do not receive messages or see spirits unless I...

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When did this start?? (Part 2)

my gifts Jun 15, 2021

I haven’t always been able to see dead people :) As I shared in my last post, I have always been intuitive and highly sensitive. After my mom died in 2013, my sensitivity heightened. There was something about having someone so close on the other side, that made me realize she wasn’t ever very far away. Before she died, I asked her to send me signs to let me know she was okay. The week after she died, she began sending me hummingbirds- and I ”just knew” they were from my mom. For several months, they were constant- in the form of real hummingbirds, pictures, logos on products, everywhere! Slowly, when I began to feel her presence, the signs ceased coming so frequently.

In the fall of 2018, I attended Lindsay Marino’s workshop at Silver Linings in St. Louis. Lindsay is an international psychic medium, and I was interested in having a reading to communicate with my mom. When I arrived, I realized I hadn’t read the event description- this...

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When did this start??

my gifts Jun 15, 2021


A new series where I answer the most common questions about mediumship


TODAY’S QUESTION: Where did this come from? When did this start?

Have you always seen dead people OR are you having a mid-life crisis?


Very good question with a (somewhat) long answer... let me give you my backstory. I was raised Catholic. I loved to pray and learn about the saints and the Blessed Mother. In elementary school, I was especially fascinated with the idea that Mary had been appearing to people throughout history. However, I didn’t “see” any spirits/ghosts in my daily life and mediumship was not something that I was familiar with (nor was it encouraged).


I was, however, intuitive. I frequently got nudges to do (or not to do) things (ie. “Open the drawer in the desk in the basement to find your missing notebook”) but simply chalked it up to “following my gut”. 


I was also an empath. I...

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