Will I feel anything during a reading?

during a reading Jun 16, 2021

You just might! I always tell sitters to pay attention to how they are feeling physically during a reading. 

Many people feel warm, especially near the area of their body where spirit appears to me (ie. By your left shoulder, right behind you, etc) Others feel chilled, or say they have goosebumps (which I get, frequently, as validation from Spirit that I am delivering a message accuratel)

People tell me they feel lightheaded or a bit dizzy after a reading. Many report being very emotional the next day.

All of these symptoms are normal- and just a sign that your loved one has moved energy to be with you!

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What if I don’t connect with all of the information?

during a reading Jun 16, 2021

It’s OK!!! (And you probably won’t connect with every single bit of info)


My best advice is to take notes during your reading, and write everything down. What doesn‘t make sense now might click later. When you are “on the spot” it can be hard to think. You may need to reach out to other loved ones for help processing the message. I ALWAYS hear back from sitters who let me know that information connected with someone else who knew the spirit. 

Spirit frequently gives me names: but not necessarily their own name. Sitters are confused because they don’t know anyone by that name- but it means something to Spirit! I could be the name of someone who has passed and they have reconnected with in the afterlife. It could be the name of some who will play a role in your life. It could be the name of someone they are watching over. Write it down to reference later.


Remember that a medium is like a old-fashioned telephone operator. We act as...

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What does a medium want a sitter to know?

during a reading Jun 16, 2021

As a medium, there are a few points that I always review prior to giving a reading:

1. Spirits always travel in groups. Sometimes I can see a large group with you, but usually I just “sense” the large group- and a couple of spirits step forward to communicate 


2. The first person to come through may not be the one you were hoping for... but welcome them anyway! Often, the first spirit to make contact may be sent first to establish the connection and get your energy moving. In a one hour session, I will usually get to your specific loved one by the end.


3. Spirit shows themself the way they choose to be remembered- not necessarily the way you remember them. Older grandparents can show themselves as young newlyweds. Adults may show themselves in their childhood. Try to pay attention to more than just their age and physical characteristic!


4. Open your mind and cast a wide net during a reading. Often, sitters are visited by someone that surprises...

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What should I do AFTER a reading?

during a reading Jun 16, 2021

I always send sitters home with these self-care tips following a reading:


-Ground yourself! You have moved a lot of energy during your reading. Even though you were completely awake while participating,  you may leaving feeling dazed or “out of it”. It’s important to bring your energy back down to Earth. Take a walk outside, stand barefoot in the grass, take a salt bath. Root yourself back into the ground. It sounds strange but it works


—Drink LOTS of water. You’ll need to rehydrate after an emotional experience 


-Talk about it (if you feel like it) or write about it. Don’t stress about overthinking your messages. They will make sense as time unfolds.


- Before you go to sleep, invite your loved one to visit in your dreams tonight. Write about it when you wake up.


- Be gentle with yourself. Understand that you may feel emotional or sleepy for 24 hours afterward. Enjoy the sense of peace/comfort/calm that...

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Can a sitter see/hear/feel spirit during a reading too?

during a reading Jun 15, 2021

I have been surprised to see this happen. Some people (who tend to be open/intuitive on their own) have told me that they feel the presence of their loved one during a reading. They may feel chills or a warmth around them, usually near the same spot where I am seeing their loved one. 

On a few occasions, both the sitter and I have experienced chills simultaneously. 

Often, a sitter is moved to tears out of the blue during a reading. I describe this as a little “push” from your loved one. Sitters are overcome with emotion (not necessarily because of a message I’ve revealed)- and I tell them that this is because the sense their loved one.

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Can you give me advice on important decisions in my life?

during a reading Jun 15, 2021

Many mediums are able to offer intuitive/psychic readings. Rather than tuning into the spirit world, the psychic tunes into their own Spirit Guides. Guides offer insight and direction for the sitter.  This is not a skill in my current repertoir, but I am working to gain a better understanding of my own Guides.

At the end of each reading, I always ask a sitter if he/she has any questions for their passed loved ones who are here. Many times, loved ones HAVE given guidance or answers to specific questions. However, it is important to remember that this is just advice and relayed through a third party (a medium). Spirit wants you to trust your own instincts above all else.

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Is it possible to receive TOO MANY readings?

during a reading Jun 15, 2021

It is possible to become too reliant on readings to communicate with passed loved ones. Remember, your loved ones are around you at all times. They want to communicate with you! You don’t need a reading every time you want to feel their presence. That being said, many people feel unsure of HOW to connect. Mediums can teach you to look for signs and symbols that a loved one is present. We also take the guesswork out and open direct communication. My personal policy is to limit a sitter to one reading every 6 months. 

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Do you ever see spirits that a sitter doesn't know?

I have noticed that most people come to a reading with a specific spirit in mind that they wish to connect. Usually, this spirit will come through eventually (particularly in a longer session) but it is important to remember that ALL spirits are present for a reason. 

There are times that I have seen a spirit or felt an energy clearly, but the sitter is not able to identify who it could be. When this happens, I ask them to write down the information and take it home- often this will make sense days after a reading. Most of us are expecting to communicate with close family members and friends that we remember from our life experiences. However, it is not uncommon for grandparents/great-grandparents to visit, although they may have passed before the sitter was born. In my own personal experience, I know that my two grandfathers are ALWAYS there when someone performs a reading on me (but both of them died while my mom was pregnant with me!).

There are times that I have sensed the...

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Can you choose which spirits do/don't show up for a reading?

during a reading Jun 15, 2021

People usually come to readings hoping to connect with a particular spirit. I like to remind them that I have no control over who appears- and we owe respect to the Spirits that DO come in, as they have important messages to relay. 

That being said, there are some things that a sitter can do to encourage a specific loved one to visit:

* In the days leading up to a reading, "invite" your loved one to visit- you can say this out loud to put the energy into the Universe. Remind them that you have scheduled a reading and let them know that you would like them to be there!

* Bring an object that belonged to your passed loved one. This can be anything: clothing, jewelry, a book, a pen... anything that may have the energy of your loved one. I use psychometry (holding an object to read the energy) to find information about the owner.

*Bring a photo of your passed loved one. I usually have these turned over so that I can't see them but can feel their presence. 

*As we are drawing...

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What is the benefit of having a reading?

during a reading Jun 15, 2021

There are SO many benefits to experiencing a reading, but first: a sitter must be ready. If you are curious but very resistant to the idea for ANY reason, wait until it feels right. Your passed loved ones will guide you to schedule one when the timing is perfect and when they know you are ready.

Many people have their first reading out of pure curiosity: is it really possible that I can communicate with their passed loved one? When they receive direct evidence and messages, it opens up an entirely new way of looking at life after death.

Most sitters tell me that they feel an overwhelming sense of peace after their reading. I know, from personal experience, the sense of closure and love that came from that "one last conversation" that I was able to have with my mom through a reading. 

People feel connected to their loved ones when they receive EVIDENCE (names/physical descriptions/shared memories) that their loved ones are still present. Sitters have told me that this opened up...

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