Do spirits provide insight about the afterlife?

all about spirit Jun 16, 2021

Yes! This is one of my favorite parts of readings. I find that it brings comfort to the sitter to know what the spirit is experiencing in the afterlife. 

I ask spirit to show me their own personal version of Heaven. I have been shown something different from every single spirit. I have seen a bubbling brook in a forest, a canoe on rapid waters, the rolling hills of Ireland, a lounge chair on the beach, a fishing dock at dawn. Most sitters usually laugh when Spirit describes their Heaven- as it usually fits with exactly where they would imagine them to be.

The one universal message that I receive when I ask about afterlife is that everyone is at peace and continues to surround their loved ones on Earth. Time is of a different dimension in the afterlife- it is possible for the energy of the soul to be in many places at once (your departed mother may be with you AND your siblings AND your father AND in her Heaven at the same time). Spirit frequently shows their reunion with the...

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What are the most common messages that Spirit wants to pass on?

all about spirit Jun 15, 2021

While each reading is personal and unique to the Spirit/sitter, I have noticed several messages that seem to reoccur during readings. 


- I am happy/comfortable/filled with love

(regardless of how I passed or how I felt during life, I am now completely at peace)


- I don’t miss you because I am constantly with you.

(and it is possible to be with you AND other loved ones AND in Heaven at the same time)


- In your time of pain/confusion, I am with you most.


-If you THINK that I have sent you a sign, been present or appeared in a dream, that is because I HAVE!


-All of the conflict/problems/mundane details that you fret over are not important.


- There are many paths to eternal happiness. Religion provides a framework for living a good life, but it is more important to treat others with love and respect 


- Those who have suffered on earth (addiction, mental illness, etc) receive clarity and peace in the afterlife... but often...

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Do spirits share any information about their passing?

all about spirit Jun 15, 2021

They do! Often, this is one of the pieces of evidence that spirits are able to provide to establish their identity. 

When I ask Spirit to show me how they passed, they will often make me FEEL some of the symptoms/physical feelings surrounding their death. I have found my clairsentience (clear feeling, in a physical form) to be growing particularly stronger this month. I am building my own "dictionary" as I work to decipher clues about the passing of a spirit. For example, I can feel a bubbly feeling (as though cells are multiplying) in a specific part of my body as a sign for cancer. My limbs grow numb/limp as a sign of a stroke, and I feel a tightness in my check to signify a heart attack. I am able to decipher a drowning, a gunshot wound, and the confusion of dementia.

Sometimes, spirit will show me images from the scene of their passing- to let me know who was present. I have seen images of who they visited AFTER their soul left their body, to say their final Earthly...

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Do you ever see spirits that a sitter doesn't know?

I have noticed that most people come to a reading with a specific spirit in mind that they wish to connect. Usually, this spirit will come through eventually (particularly in a longer session) but it is important to remember that ALL spirits are present for a reason. 

There are times that I have seen a spirit or felt an energy clearly, but the sitter is not able to identify who it could be. When this happens, I ask them to write down the information and take it home- often this will make sense days after a reading. Most of us are expecting to communicate with close family members and friends that we remember from our life experiences. However, it is not uncommon for grandparents/great-grandparents to visit, although they may have passed before the sitter was born. In my own personal experience, I know that my two grandfathers are ALWAYS there when someone performs a reading on me (but both of them died while my mom was pregnant with me!).

There are times that I have sensed the...

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Are animals really psychic?

all about spirit Jun 15, 2021

You may have heard this one before- that animals are sensitive to spirit and can sense a presence when humans cannot. In my experience, YES! 

During my weekly training sessions with Lindsay Marino's course Unlock Your Inner Medium, we met as a development circle with 10 mediums online over the ZOOM app. Every week, people's dogs would begin barking as soon as we started our sessions. 

When I began doing readings in my home, my yellow lab (Cuddles) refused to leave the room where I hold sessions. I would put her outside of the sunroom and close the door, and she would stand at the door and bark to come in. I even let her in the room for one session, and she began barking the minute Spirit appeared to me. Now, Cuddles enjoys a special bone in her crate at the back of the house when I have sessions in the front of the house. However, she STILL barks immediately when Spirit appears!!! 

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Do you see “evil” spirits?

all about spirit my gifts Jun 15, 2021

People often ask if I am afraid of conjuring “evil” spirits, but I do not. I am a “light worker” meaning I work in the light. I raise my vibration to communicate with spirits on a higher plane. My encounters are filled with love and peace.

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