Messages from Spirit: HEAVEN is all around

messages from spirit Jun 16, 2021

From the series of blog posts: Messages from Spirit

This series examines some of the most common messages that the spirit world tends to share with sitters.


I have found that clients often visit me, wanting to know that their loved one has "made it" to Heaven. This idea is particularly prominent in the predominantly Catholic-Christian area that I serveOne of the most comforting messages that I continue to receive from Spirit is that Heaven is all around us. 


This can be an unsettling thought to those raised with the idea that Heaven is a faraway, magical place. However, many of my sitters find it healing to know that their passed loved ones remain close by. Passed loved ones often show me their version of Heaven: a childhood kickball game in the old neighborhood, a rustic cabin in the woods, a scenic green golf course in Ireland. These scenes are always different, but my clients can relate and recognize them EXACTLY as how they would describe their loved ones in the afterlife. Should these scenes be taken literally? Not necessarily. But we can certainly IMAGINE what our loved ones would feel like in their own particular eternal setting, and know that they would feel everlasting contentment. 


Spirit also shows me evidence that they continue to be present in the lives of their loved ones on Earth. They offer memories of events that occurred after their passing, even recent family gatherings or milestones that they were present to witness. Think about how often we come together with family/friends, noticing the void that was created because one of our loved ones is no longer able to be there to celebrate with us. THEY ARE THERE!


I hope that this provides comfort to you, to realize that it is possible for your loved one to remain with you (and everyone else in their lives) AND be in Heaven at the same time. 


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