Messages from Spirit: FIND JOY

messages from spirit Jun 16, 2021

From the series of blog posts: Messages from Spirit

This series examines some of the most common messages that the spirit world tends to share with sitters.


When my mom passed, I knew to look for a sign from her. We had prearranged that she would send something to me to let me know that she was OK and had made it safely to "the other side". I even tried to get her to identify what she would send me, so that I would know what to look for... but she drew the line there by saying "I'm not sure they let you pick your signs over there" :)


Exactly one week after she passed, to the minute, a little hummingbird flew by while I was talking to my neighbor. Immediately, I felt a familiar recognition. It felt like my mom had just flown past. I brushed it aside until later in the evening, when I was pulling weeds in the back yard (ironically, something that my mom loved to do). Out loud, I said "Mom, if that hummingbird was you, I just need one more sign". 

I rounded the corner and noticed our community newspaper was sitting atop our trash can, still in its red wrapper. Usually, this is still on the driveway... it felt as though it was being presented to me to open. On the front page of the newspaper was a large, full color photo of a hummingbird and an article about the little visitors. I knew this was my confirmation. Earlier in the summer, while I was sitting with my mom in her home, I remarked how I had seen so many hummingbirds that summer. In fact, I had never seen one in real life prior to that time. She replied that they visited her window all the time because of the flowers she had planted. Little did I know how she would use these tiny birds as messengers from heaven. 

My mom continued to send me hummingbird signs in various forms (art, mail, jewelry, wallpaper, real life) throughout that first week, and then throughout the first year. In fact, 6 years later, I still receive hummingbirds at pivotal times. In the beginning, I scoured the internet for the meaning and symbolism behind hummingbirds. Time and time again, the meaning remained the same... Hummingbirds remind us to "find joy in life", to sip the sweet nectar of every day, and to seek lightness of spirit. This makes so much sense to me, and it has been echoed in so many readings of other passed loved ones. Your loved ones WANT you to ENJOY your life. Find time to play, to count your blessings, to wander and to wonder. Take yourself less seriously. Follow your rainbow. It is one of the lightest and most affirming messages we can receive.


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