Messages from Spirit: DON'T STRESS about little things

messages from spirit Jun 16, 2021

From the series of blog posts: Messages from Spirit

This series examines some of the most common messages that the spirit world tends to share with sitters.


I can't tell you how often I have sitters visit with specific questions for their passed loved ones. How does Dad feel about where he is buried? Is Mom OK with the way we distributed her china collection? Is my sister still angry about the fight we had before she passed? Is my husband mad that I sold his car after he died? 

Over and over again, your loved ones in spirit reiterate the same message: don't stress about the small stuff. All of the things that you are worried about here on Earth no longer bother your loved ones in Heaven. The things we focus on and worry about and obsess over are often revealed to be "no big deal". Your loved ones frequently show me their vast view of our lives on Earth, looking down on our experiences with LOVE... and noting that the things we worry about are tiny dots on the map. 


Try to remember that your loved ones have gained innate wisdom after they passed. They are filled with unconditional love, acceptance and nurturing. Even the most critical person on Earth is more open-minded and forgiving in the Spirit world. Take a lesson from those who have passed, and take time to examine your priorities. What will matter to you AFTER  you leave this world? What would you like others to remember about you? How will you be leaving your loved ones after you are gone? These are the only things that matter.


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