Messages from Spirit: BELIEVE we are still with you

messages from spirit Jun 16, 2021

From the series of blog posts: Messages from Spirit

This series examines some of the most common messages that the spirit world tends to share with sitters.


One of the many things that your passed love ones want to share is the fact that they remain near, even after death. For many sitters, this is a difficult concept to grasp. Many of us have been raised (by faith or tradition) to believe in Heaven or afterlife as a faraway concept. We may believe we will be reunited with our passed loved ones after we die, but we don’t recognize their continued  presence in our life on Earth. Your loved ones continue to be present in your life- This is one of the most fundamental truths that I have learned as a medium, 


How does Spirit show their presence? Often, I will see images of signs and symbols that a passed loved one uses to communicate with a sitter. I have been shown pennie, specific birds/animals, rainbows, clouds, etc...When I ask a client if they frequently feel their loved one around when they see their specific sign, they usually validate this. My advice to anyone who has lost a loved one: pay attention to little things around you that “nudge” you to think of or remember your loved ones. These little signs go deeper than you think.


Your loved ones also show me their continued involvement by sharing memories of events that have occurred in your life AFTER they passed. Family gatherings, scenes from their memorial service, moments in your everyday life: all are shown to me as images and clips from your loved one’s viewpoint. They continue to walk beside you. 


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