Messages From Spirit: BE PRESENT in every day moments

messages from spirit Jun 16, 2021

From the series of blog posts: Messages from Spirit

This series examines some of the most common messages that the spirit world tends to share with sitters.


I have noticed that, whenever I look back at old photos, I am often struck by the most mundane details. I love seeing the toys, stuffed animals, and books  in the background of the pictures from the days when my kids were little. These items are long gone now, but I find myself wishing I would’ve taken more photos of rooms, still-life images of the mess.


In the same way, I love seeing photos of my own childhood... the faded tan wallpaper in our 1980s kitchen, the once-familiar strawberry glasses my grandma used to pour Coke in when we visited.  I am always struck by the importance of these seemingly small details that I took for granted. The were so much a part of the “background“ that we assumed they would always be there.


When a sitter comes for a reading, these little details are often the “evidence” that Spirit provides. Your loved ones show me random memories and little details about your life together. I love when a sitter exclaims “I forgot about that but know exactly what he is talking about!”


Be present in everyday moments. One day, these will be your memories. Your loved ones have revealed this sentiment time and time again.


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