Lessons from Universe: pay attention to patterns

The Universe has a way of sending a message repeatedly, but in different ways. When looking for guidance, it is important to pay attention to PATTERNS that appear in your life.


What do patterns look like? You probably know the feeling of familiarity when you hear a phrase, and then it jumps out at you again a couple days later in print. Someone may offer you advice, only for you to remark “That’s the second time I’ve heard that recently!” You may bump into someone you haven’t seen in a LONG time, only to see them again and again over the course of the month. If you work in customer service, you may notice clients sharing similar complaints around a matter during a small time frame. None of these coincidences are accidental. Pay attention and ask: What is the Universe trying to tell me?


I have started to keep a journal of patterns that reveal themselves in my readings. Recently, many sitters end their readings by asking for more information about mediumship. Many feel that they may have intuitive gifts of their own. By noticing the pattern of curiousity, I have been nudged to begin creating a course to teach intuitive gifts.


Sitters often share stories of coincidences that occurred in their life after a loved one passed. If you are familiar with my personal story, you know that I began seeing hummingbirds (real, pictures, symbol) after my mom died. By paying attention  to these patterns and repetitions, we begin to uncover the hidden language of the Universe.


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