Lessons from the Universe: trust divine timing

I am always granted this important reminder when people arrive for their scheduled appointment: TIMING IS NOT AN ACCIDENT. TRUST THE UNIVERSE TO GUIDE.


I can’t tell you how many times people have come for their reading and been visited by an unexpected spirit, a bonus visit- not the one they were hoping to talk with. (We usually will get to the one they were hoping for later in the reading) The message from this visitor is always very timely, and many times a sitter will say “I just realized he passed away 5 years ago today” OR “Strange, tomorrow would be her birthday”

The Universe (and the spirit world) sends you the perfect visitor at the perfect time, well aware of timing long before we are.


Have you ever been faced with the feeling of WANTING something so much, only to find out it isn’t available to you? That relationship, the new job opportunity, the house that went under contract before you had a chance? If you really think about it, something else probably came along after the rejection- often something better!

Garth Brooks refers to these UNANSWERED PRAYERS as “some of God’s greatest gifts”.

Trust that the Universe (God/spirit world) will bring you the right thing at just the right time.


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