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Where are you on your grief journey?

Maybe your loved one has recently passed away, and you are struggling in the depths of new grief.


You may have experienced loss a while ago, but the feelings of grief have re-emerged again.


At any point in our pathway through grief, we can find ourselves feeling disoriented and lost.


No matter where you are...





 ...I am here to join you on your journey through grief and loss. 

-Katie Wedding,

Grief Support Specialist & Inspirational Medium 




 My Approach

I believe that we can benefit from support and guidance throughout our lives, particularly when we have experienced a loss. Our society expects us to grieve, and then be "over it" and "ready to move on" within a short amount of time. 

My work with those who are grieving has illustrated the need to provide more far-reaching support throughout our lifetime. Grief is not linear- it can drop into our days unexpectedly and without warning. It is during these times that we need support and guidance the most. 

In addition, support is not a "one-size-fits-all" approach. I have created Traveling Together Grief Support sessions to incorporate the most helpful and comforting activities that I utilized in my time as a School Counselor. As adults, we are often relegated to "sit and talk" sessions when we are faced with an obstacle. But many times, our best insights come from "play": painting, watercolor, sand tray, nature walks. I have created a haven in my office to allow you to choose how we can spend our time together, working through your grief. 











benefits of readings

You may...

  • Receive confirmation that your loved ones remain near you, even after physical death
  • Gain insight and advice from passed loved ones about your  life 
  • Open the door for your own communication with your passed loved ones

I'd love to help you reconnect...

“My daughter-in-law referred me to Katie after she had a beautiful reading with good results. I’ve had two wonderful readings with Katie with lots of verifications from loved ones who have passed. Katie is warm, compassionate and comforting. I will be seeing her more!”

- Jackie Shocklee, MO

“Katie was able to connect me with my Grandpa with a combination of evidence so I know it was him.. Coupled with loving messages so I knew he was still nearby. She’s a strong medium with a beautiful heart and delivery.”

- Heather Filipowicz, FL

“Katie has a way of making you feel comfortable and her compassion shines through. I have been to her twice. Both times she had validated my loved ones that had passed. I was left feeling comforted and most importantly validated.”

- Laura Donovan, MO

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